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Our Objective

Let it Flow Engineering (Life) has been established to support the ongoing work of delivery of projects, chiefly those concerned with the provision of safe water and sanitation,

to some of the world’s poorest communities.

Why we do it

Because 1 in 10 of the world population

do not have access to safe, clean drinking water...

...and we can make the difference.

Water and sanitation are man's most basic needs.

We have seen, through extensive first hand experience, that once this is provided other good things follow



Increased life expectancy


Quality of Life

How we do it

We have made use of simple gravity fed low maintenance technology ensuring long term sustainability.

We keep it simple. We involve the local communities (men and women) in both the construction and ongoing management of the projects.

The Projects are delivered in partnership with local delivery agents, including: Anglican Church Development offices, Water Boards and community groups - ensuring a long term sense of ownership, responsibility, female empowerment and sustainability.


As a result of the works, schools have developed
(teachers will live in areas where there is water & sanitation).

Because the they no longer need to travel 8 hours a day to fetch water,
it means children can attend school.

Get involved

We would love you to become part of this work and to know that you are directly helping to deliver this most basic need to some of the poorest people in our world.

Become a 'LIFE Project Partner'

You may wish to become more closely involved and take 'ownership' of one of the projects by becoming a 'LIFE Project Partner'. This will enable you and your colleagues/employees to stay connected with the project and could feature under the CSR agenda in your company publicity.

Unlike some other charities, every penny "goes into the ground".

The trustees fund all overheads personally - because we care.

Projects awaiting funding

We have multiple Projects awaiting funding.

They're ready to go all they need is you.

View Projects


Feel free to contact us by emailing

[email protected]


Douglas McCormick


Douglas is Chief Executive Officer at WYG, an award-winning professional services firm operating from more than 50 locations across the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. He was previously CEO of Sweett Group plc. and before that Group MD of Atkins Rail.

Douglas has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and is a Fellow of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, holds MSc in Construction Management and a BSc in Quantity Surveying. He is also a commissioner at the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, and a non-executive Director of the Institute for Collaborative Working.

Roger Button


Roger is a solicitor who specialises in providing legal support to construction and engineering projects, both in the UK and internationally. He is consultant to an English law firm and is also a consultant to a number of foreign law firms on construction law matters. Additionally, he is a Deputy Chairman of the Contracts Committee of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Roger is married with two children. In his spare time he enjoys keeping (relatively) fit, reading, walking the family dog and spending time at his cottage in Somerset.

Rob Brighouse


Rob trained as a Civil Engineer and is a Fellow of both the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institute of Directors. He is Chairman of the East West Railway Company, co-founder of Snap Travel Technology Ltd and a non-Exec Director of Network Rail. He was previously the Managing Director of Chiltern Railways.

In addition to his voluntary work with LIFE Trust, he is also Chair of the Aston Business School Advisory Board.

He is married with 4 grown up children and is in the process of renovating a working water mill on Dartmoor.

Richard Molloy


Richard is a Railway Civil Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He is the Technical Director for Atkins Transportation with responsibility for Technical Performance and the application of new technologies and ways of working to address UK transportation challenges.

He is responsible for the development of an industry leading education programme with University College London, creating a master’s programme in the design and integration of Railway infrastructure, with aspiration of making a significant impact on the efficiency of the UK Railway infrastructure industry.

In addition to his commitments to LIFE trust and other charities he enjoys time outdoors running, cycling or walking.

Richard is married with 3 children and a mad dog.